Just what Guys Over 50 Desire In a female

Many changes if you are matchmaking over 50, nevertheless changes are not always everything’d anticipate. True, it is a bit harder in order to satisfy individuals, but both women and men over 50 will still be meeting in pubs, at events, an internet-based; acquiring arranged by family and friends; and thumping into each other in super markets and coffee houses. What changes will be the folks. When you’re a woman over 50, the men you satisfy have obtained a lot more encounters with interactions (both good and bad) and what they’re looking for differs from the majority of 30-somethings need.

Isn’t it?

We make assumptions as to what guys within 50s wish in a lady (and what all males desire even) but are they actually that distinctive from men in their 30s and 40s? To greatly help find the answers we looked to the
common online dating site Zoosk
. They data-mined 656,356 pages to see what terms guys within their 30s, 40s, and 50s mention frequently when explaining whatever they’re looking for in another person.

Plus it shouldn’t arrive as an excessive amount of a surprise that while some situations alter once we grow older, other stuff remain the exact same.

Leading Features Guys Want In a lady



enjoyable enjoyable enjoyable
honest truthful truthful
laugh laugh commitment
laughter humor laugh
amusing caring loving
great adoring love of life
love of life sort pleased
look sense of humor caring
nurturing relationship sort
available happy available
enjoying have a great time smile
smart dedicated intelligent
kids family romantic
down to earth positive effective
happy intelligent easy-going
family laid back down-to-earth
getting fun breathtaking tolerant

Here Are A Few crucial takeaways…

Men of various age groups wish a great, honest ladies

The most common attribute for many guys of every age group is


. And 2nd most popular attribute regarding guys of every age group is


. Across the board, the male is in search of honest females they may be able have fun with.

Guys over 50 are far more relationship-minded

Unlike their own more youthful equivalents, guys over 50 will state they’re trying to find a


. In reality, it’s the next most well known phase they mention. Men in their 40s do mention shopping for a relationship, but additional characteristics are more crucial. And guys within 30s never discuss it a lot anyway.

an enjoying partner becomes more essential as you get earlier

Another interesting finding is that males of various age groups have an interest in discovering a


companion but how crucial it’s becomes more essential with age.


will be the 11th most popular distinctive for males within their 30s, the sixth for men inside their 40s, and 5th for men over 50.

More mature guys have learned to value intelligent women



, earlier men place even more increased exposure of a female’s intelligence than younger guys. For men over 40


could be the sixteenth most popular attribute, while for males over 50 it jumps to your 13th top attribute. Surprisingly sufficient, men inside their 30s never mention


normally but alternatively make use of the term


when describing the women they are wanting.

All guys like a beneficial spontaneity

Possibly this goes and being enjoyable, but guys of any age mention


or a

love of life

as a premier trait. And women that learn how to have a good


tend to be popular too.

Guys over 50 are looking for relationship

Unlike men inside their 30s and 40s, one-word that helps to keep showing up for males over 50 is


Probably the more mature we have, the greater number of we treasure love and romance over discovering someone we can just celebrate with.

More mature guys nevertheless desire somebody effective

Guys over 50 in addition discussed they were into someone


a great deal more typically than guys within 40s and 30s. This is very good news for women who aren’t interested in slowing down as they get older.

After exploring what guys within 30s, 40s, and 50s need several things become obvious—for many component, guys of various age groups wish a reputable, nurturing individual that they can also have a very good time and make fun of with. (hence shouldn’t be too astonishing, as it’s just what many people desire in a partner.) However, there are many things that are more important as they get older. Men over 50 want love, someone who’s loving, a partner they could be effective with, and a female with intelligence.

They claim even as we age we do not change, we simply be a little more plainly ourselves. Whenever search for your personal some one over 50, remember that he’s not that not the same as the younger men who happen to be out there, or even the younger guy he once was. He is simply slightly more mature, only a little wiser and yes, he’s in search of anyone to end up being slightly romantic with also.


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